Eczema Support System in South Africa

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The South African National Eczema Association (SANEA) was established in response to a dire need for eczema sufferers to receive support in the management and treatment of the condition. SANEA strives to improve the lives and health of individuals suffering from eczema, as well as their families, through support, education and research. The association aims to do this by:

  • Providing a wealth of information for eczema sufferers or parents of children that suffer from eczema;
  • Providing access, where possible, to quality medical treatment and advice on eczema through a network of medical professionals;
  • Offering sufferers an opportunity to interact with other sufferers through a formalised support network;
  • Actively educating parents and educators about eczema in order to give children the best possible experience at school; and
  • Creating societal awareness about the burden that eczema has on individuals and their families.

Our Directors


Professor Gail Todd

BSc, MBChB, FFDerm(SA) PhD

Gail Todd has training in both basic sciences and medicine and has been actively involved in research on atopic dermatitis for some years. She co-supervised a PhD and several MMed projects on the subject and was instrumental in helping secure Wellcome funding for epidemiologic research on atopic eczema in amaXhosa children living in urban, rural and peri-urban informal settlement environments.

Tanja Praetorius

Tanja is a Namibian citizen and mother of Xander (13) and Lara-Nika (9). She worked as a health and skin care practitioner for 10 years, after which she, together with her husband, took over the running of a family business called Weimann’s Garage (Outjo, Namibia). Tanja is responsible for the debtors department. Her eldest child, Xander suffered from severe eczema since he was a baby. After many years of failed attempts at successfully treating the condition, they visited Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town. Xander received treatment at the direction of Prof Todd and Dr Gottschalk and his condition has remained stable since then.

Lynne Niemann

Lynne is the driving force behind the establishment of SANEA after having suffered from severe eczema for most of her life, especially after the birth of her son in 2009. In 2010, she was admitted to Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town and received treatment at the direction of Prof Todd. She was discharged after three weeks and her condition has remained manageable since then. After being discharged, she has, in her personal capacity, offered various eczema sufferers support in dealing with the condition, thereby learning more about the need for the establishment of a formal support group.


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